Utility Response to Climate Change
    Innovative solutions to integrate renewable energy
    5th Annual Conference
    29-30 September 2015
    San Francisco, CA, USA
CaFFEET 2013

CaFFEET'13: "How Can Big Data Boost Society's Resilience?"

The third edition of CaFFEET was again a great success, with more than 150 participants from French and Californian corporations, start-ups, academics and governments.CaFFEET’13 addressed the question of Big Data as a key element to support the resilience and sustainability of our societies. It gave the chance, on the one hand, to infrastructure operators and cities to present their needs in terms of resiliency, and on the other hand, to academics or solution providers to show references on the use of Big Data.

The Resilience, defined as the capability of an organization to resist or adapt to external (e.g natural disaster) or internal (e.g. economic crisis) constrains, is becoming a major area of research for infrastructure operators and public bodies, specifically after the recent years natural disasters.


J. Sweeney

James Sweeney



J.-C. van Duysen

Jean Claude van Duysen


Director R&D in the USA

S. Adler

Steve Adler


Information Strategist

P. Bonnet

Philippe Bonnet

IT Univ. of Copenhagen

Associate Professor

E. Abbo

Ed Abbo

President and CTOC3 Energy

L. Jackman

Linda Jackman

Oracle Utilities

Group VP

C. Waast-Richard

Claire Waast-Richard



TM Ravi

TM Ravi

The Hive


P. Sitbon

Pascal Sitbon


Cyber Security Expert

K. Borlongan

Kat Borlongan


Five by Five

A. Kiremidjian

Anne Kiremidjian

Stanford University


R. Rajagopal

Ram Rajagopal


Assistant Professor


1:00pm - Welcome addresses by

  • Jim Sweeney, Director of Stanford's Precourt Energy Efficiency Center
  • Jean Claude van Duysen, Director of EDF R&D in the US

1:15pm - Keynote Speaker

Claire Waast, Chief Information Officer, EDF R&D - Presentation

1:45pm - Introductory Session: Big Data and Society's Resilience

  • Michael Krull, SVP, Resilient Corp. - Presentation
  • Simon Lacoste-Julien, Researcher, INRIA - Presentation
  • T.M. Ravi, Co-founder, The Hive

2:45pm - Session 1: Big Data and Resilience for Infrastructure Operators

  • Saurabh Amin, Professor, MIT - Presentation
  • Valerie Le Peltier, Head of Utilities, Smart Cities program, Orange - Presentation
  • Francois-Xavier Rongere, Innovation/R&D Manager, Gas Operations, PG&E - Presentation
  • Pascal Sitbon, Cyber Security Expert, EDF
  • Matt Wakefield, Director of ICT, EPRI - Presentation

4:15pm - Start-ups Pitch Session

5:00pm - Cocktail and Technology Showcase

8:00am - Keynote Speaker

Linda Jackman, Group Vice President of Industry Strategy, Oracle Utilities

2:45pm - Session 2: Big Data and Resilience for Governments

  • Romain Lacombe, Head of Innovation, France's Prime Minister Open Data Team - Presentation
  • George Mohler, Chief Scientist, PredPol Inc. / Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Santa Clara University
  • Jonathan Reichental, Chief Information Officer, City of Palo Alto - Presentation
  • Kat Borlongan, Founder, FivebyFive

9:45am - Start-ups Pitch Session

10:00am - Coffee Break

10:30am - Keynote Speaker

Ed Abbo, President and CTO, C3 Energy

11:00pm - Session 3: Big Data for Resilience to Natural Disasters

  • Charles Huyck, Executive Vice President, ImageCat Inc.
  • Anne Kiremidjian, Professor, Stanford University
  • Gabriela Pena, Product Manager, Twitter
  • Thérèse Tierney, Director, Urban Research Labs - University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  • Vivien Mallet, Researcher, INRIA - Presentation

12:30pm - Neworking Lunch

1:30pm - Presentations by Laureates of the Cleantech Open France Competition

1:45pm - Keynote Speaker

Philippe Bonnet, Researcher, INRIA, Associate Professor, IT University of Copenhagen - Presentation

2:15pm - Session 4: Big Data for Resilience to Climate Change

  • Claire Bonham-Carter, Director of Sustainability Practice, AECOM - Presentation
  • Chuck Khuen, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, Weather Analytics - Presentation
  • François Dauphin, Utility Business Expert, HP - Presentation
  • Ram Rajagopal, Professor, Stanford University
  • Tom Connor, Staff Scientist, AER - Presentation

3:45pm - Closing Keynote

Steve Adler, IBM's Information Strategist - Presentation